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Nominations open for SURF Awards for Best Practice in Community Regeneration

SURF is currently welcoming applications to our 2014 SURF Awards for Best Practice in Community Regeneration.

Each year, SURF and the Scottish Government team up to highlight, share and celebrate success and innovation in efforts to improve the physical, social and/or economic fabric of disadvantaged communities across Scotland through the prestigious SURF Awards process.

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Consultation on Scotland's Electoral Future: your responses

In line with the Scottish Government's consultation on Scotland's Electoral Future, we asked our members and supporters to submit their views so that we could compile a joint response.

We had 67 responses to the 12 questions. We collated these responses, summarised them into a single document and sent them to the Scottish Government.

You can find the collation and summary of CSPP's supporters response to the Consultation here.

To read more about the Scottish Government consultation on Scotland's Electoral Future, please go here.


Provocative Health Reform Report to be released in August

The Centre for Scottish Public Policy will release a report addressing some of the more controversial ideas around Scottish health reform in early August 2014.

Look out for our Health Paper in the coming weeks - follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our e-Newsletter to stay up to date.


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